Monday, 31 December 2012

[CHALLENGE] 2013 Monthly Challenge

Alright guys! I've been doing a pretty poor job at posting lately, so I'm giving myself an extra challenge for the year. I better get these done! Or else...I will be very upset with myself. Every month I've given myself a different sort of challenge to change things up a little, and be a little more creative. I'll do a quick post at the beginning of each month quickly explaining exactly what I'll be doing. I hope you guys will like this, and any input would be appreciated. Here's the list!

Friday, 28 December 2012

[ETC] Christmas!

I thought I'd share with you guys some of my Christmas gifts I received this year. There are a few things missing in this, which would include movie tickets and a new snow suit from my parents, and some of the stocking bits from Owen.

From my brother, I received a cozy knit sweater, the Mink Pink dress I've wanted for EVER! And the Solar Blossom candle that I've also wanted for EVER! From Owen, I got the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. I think he could tell I was slightly skeptical at first, but upon smelling it, I actually fell in love with it! He knows me too well. I also got a gift card to Sephora from him and his parents, which is perfect! Because I need to get new eyeliner and such. I had dinner on Christmas Eve at my parents good friends, and they prepared the perfect sort of care package for me. 

[OUTFIT] Velvet Holidays

Although this may not really be a reoccurring trend, I'm still going with it! I love the feel and look of velvet, so I do what I want. Since it's not a huge trend yet (or if it will actually be...) there's plenty of velvet to be found at your local thrift shop. Be sure to stick to some dark colours, some colours can look pretty strange. It's definitely a good fabric to wear for the holidays, sorry I'm late to inform you with that.

Velvet Shirt - Value Village
Shorts - Aritzia
Shoes - Vintage

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

[OUTFIT] Flower Crowned

I was in Toronto a couple of weekends ago, and I finally quickly met up with my lovely friend April. She'd made me this flower crown back in September, tried mailing it to me, but it was sent back to her, and it was damaged. Luckily, during my visit I was able to briefly meet up with her while she was working (at Free People), and she had it all nicely wrapped for me! I also found this dress, which later I found out is "supposed" to be a tunic. If it's long enough to be a dress on me, then it's definitely long enough on most people! I thought it had a nice hidden twist to it. A lot of people think I layered a sweater once a skirt/dress, but no! It's all one piece. I thought it was interesting, and I'd try the look out.

Be sure to check out April's marvellous blog! So many beautiful outfits and photography.

Despite my hand being really strange looking...I still really liked that photo on the left

Dress - Free People
Flower Crown - April Wilder
Shoes - Aldo
Wishbone Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Triangle Necklace - Urban Outfitters