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Sunday, 20 October 2013

[FASHION] Fall '13 Inspirations

It's already nearing the end of October, but we haven't had full on Autumn weather yet! Here's a look at what I'm looking forward to: big oversized knits, hats, scarves, and wool jackets.

[FASHION] Getting Cozy

First of all, we need to ignore the fact that these gals are wearing shorts, at least for where I'm living. I think the weather is finally levelling off at a cooler temperature so we now know for sure it's time to get cozy! There are tons of oversized knit styles out there, it was difficult to choose a few. We're seeing a lot of open cardigan concepts as well as slight V-neck sweaters. Here are some of my favourite styles, but be sure to scour for more!

Cambridge Knit - $68.00 Nasty Gal

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

[FASHION] Karen Walker Forever Spring '13

I'm sorry I only discovered these photos today, but I absolutely had to share. After releasing her first instalment of photos for her Spring '13 collection, including women from the age 65-92, she did an instalment with 3 to 5 year olds. I cannot get over how cute these photos are, and how sassy they all look!

Monday, 2 September 2013

[FASHON] Fall 2013 - Denim

For the past year or so I've had a huge love for denim/chambray anything. It's something that I personally usually see more in the Winter to Spring transition, and not so much in the Fall. Not this year though! Denim is bigger than ever, and people are getting more and more creative with it. Take a look at some of my favourite Fall denim looks and some Fall denim essentials.

Of course this season comes with cooler weather. Layering a denim jacket over a sweater or a clean button up will help keep you warm and keep you on trend. It seems to have been the summer of distressed shorts (at least for me it was) keep that distressed boyfriend jean look with some full jeans, changing it up from the usual skinny jean.

1. Denim Smock Dress - $71.33 ASOS
2. Drawstring Denim Outerwear - $31.97 SheInside
3. BDG Slim Slouch Jean - $39 Urban Outfitters
4. Folk Legend Chambray Shirt - $39.80 Forever21

Friday, 19 July 2013

[FASHION] Fall 2013

I bought the August issue of Elle Canada on my way to visit my parents in Victoria, and they had a huge article on the trends for Fall 2013. I thought I would put together my on version of three of the trends that I'm particularly excited for.

Soft Velvet
Velvet did make a small appearance last fall, but nothing substantial. There seems to be more velvet popping up this time, and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the richness and texture of velvet. You can easily dress up or dress down any piece.

1. Maxi Skirt in Velvet - ASOS $24.22
2. Vintage Celine Velvet Blazer - Nasty Gal $228.00

Oversized Everything
By everything, I mean sweaters, jackets, dresses, etc etc. It's starting to get cooler, so having that room will help trap some heat to keep you warm. Plus it'll be in trend! 

2. Loyal Chambray Anorak - Nasty Gal $72.00

Neon Beanies
Last fall and winter we saw the huge trend of beanies. Don't worry! It'll still be here, but with a twist. Fall usually means a lot of darker, but rich colours. Just add a pop of neon to brighten your outfit, and your mood.

1. Unisex Cuffed Beanie in Fluorescent Pink - American Apparel $20.00
3. Beanie with Patch - ASOS $14.35

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

[FASHION] Another Wish List...

I think I'm constantly making wish lists of things I wish I could have. All online retailers are constantly updating their selection. If only we could have all the money in the world, right? Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my finds that are drool worthy. The middle top from Free People in the last photo I have in the stripe, and I absolutely adore it! I'd really love to get the one in coral as well.

I'm Your Girl Dress - $79.77 Free People
Staring At Stars T-Shirt Maxi Dress - $39.00 Urban Outfitters

Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee - $29.00 Urban Outfitters
We The Free Every Day Tee - $59.31 Free People
Wrangler Skull Button Up - $44.00 TARTE

Friday, 19 April 2013

[FASHION] First Fashion Friday at UO

I work at Urban Outfitters Ottawa you see (come visit me! I'd love to say hello!) and now it is mandatory that we have a "Fashion Friday" every Friday. We're given a sort of theme to go by, and we show our own version of it, by trying it on! I felt like sharing this with you because we had a lot of fun doing it...and our outfits were pretty gosh darn rad.

Yes....all the clothes are from Urban Outfitters.

Monday, 18 March 2013

[FASHION] Spring '13 Wish List

Although Mother Nature keeps teasing us, spring is on it's way! I could not be more excited! The fashions for this spring are all too freaking cute. I thought I'd put together a sort of wish list of things I've got my eye on. Can I just win the lottery already?

Smock Dress in Ombre Floral - $62.86 ASOS
Swing Dress with High Low Hem - $48.89 ASOS
Colour Block Swing Dress - $43.65 ASOS
Triple Tooth Necklace - $10.25 Rings & Tings
Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat - $42.00
Ecote Runner Short - $39.00 Urban Outfitters

Monday, 11 March 2013

[FASHION] Festival Season

As winter progressively turns into spring, festivals are on everyone's mind! The Osheaga line up was just released today, and many music festivals are already coming up. Although this has often been done before, here are a few ideas of things I might wear to a festival. You can always play around it, and add your on twist to the looks.

Light Denim Cutoffs
As spring and summer approaches, it'll soon be time to dig out the shorts. There are so many fun and interesting styles to be found. Try to stick to a lighter denim to really get that summer feel.

1- BDG Dree High-Rise Studded Shorts - $69 Urban Outfitters
2. Lagem Heart Denim - about $22 Runway Bandits
3. Reaper Cutoff Shorts - $85 Nasty Gal

Fringy Fringe
Fringe is a festival must! Being on a top, bottom, dress, or even handbags. Perfect for that boho feel, and mega fun to dance around in.

1. Sweater with fringe - $40 Zara
2. Embroidered Fringe Crop Top - about $39 Topshop
3. Sienna Fringe Bag - $65 Nasty Gal

Keep It Flowy
With summer comes heat. Try wearing a more lose shape with light fabric. Wearing something like this while feel wonderful when a cool breeze comes in to cool you down.

1. Urban Renewal Chambray Tent Dress - $69 Urban Outfitters
2. Wilfred Duroc Dress - $110 Aritzia

Huge Armparties!
When it gets too hot, sometimes that stylish layered outfit is just too much. Stick to some bracelet layering instead, adding a few simple rings to complete the look.

1. Dark Silver Chain with Woven Pink - about $7 Rings and Tings
2. Leather Cuff Bracelet - $18 Urban Outfitters
3. Tough Spike Bracelet - $12 Nasty Gal
4. Eye of Horus Rings - about $8 Rings and Tings

Thursday, 8 November 2012

[FASHION] Speaking of Sweater Weather...

I thought I'd put together a sweater chart for you guys! As mentioned in my previous post, it's Fall (calling captain obvious...I know you guys already all know), and it's getting real cold out there. Here are some great knit sweaters ranging from $ to $$$$. Sweaters for every budget! Also being me, I tried to find some fun colourful sweaters, with a little extra umph. I know Fall is all about the navvies, burgundies, mustards, browns, etc, but why not add some brightness to your wardrobe, I'm sure it'll help brighten your mood as well.

(From left to right)
1. Polka Dot Sweater - Forever 21 $20.50
2. Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater - Urban Outfitters $59.00
3. Cambridge Knit Colourblock - Nasty Gal $68.00
4. Mink Pink Intarsia Knit Jumper - Asos $103.79

One really important thing not to forget!!! ALSO be sure to check your local thrift shop! Big oversize sweaters are a trend this Fall, and I promise you will be able to find plenty at the second hand shop. You never know what you'll find, you may find your new favourite sweater.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

[FASHION] Iggy Azalea for House Of Holland Sunglasses

I saw this posted on Refinery29, and had to share. This has to be one of my favourite spreads I've seen in a VERY long time. The big frames and bold colours stand out so much from her slicked back blond hair. What else is there to say besides the fact that she looks freaking badass!

Photos courtesy of House Of Holland via Refinery29

Sunday, 26 August 2012

[FASHION] Back to School SALES!

If I am correct, September is FAST approaching, which means school is creeping up. For most of you anyway. I finished my two year program in Toronto, and am back in Ottawa. I think not going back to school is going to be strange, but nice as well. Anyway, lots of online shopping sites are having amazing end of summer sales. Here I round up a few of my favourite pieces on sale, on my favourite online sites. Be sure to take a look!

Now, of course most of these sites are selling off their summer pieces. Remember that it isn't quite fall yet! Take some lighter coloured dresses and pants, then layer them with something for that cooler breeze.

Laurel Plaid Shirt $67.23 $26.89
Spotted Clutch $21.75 $12.46
Weave It Satchel $64.26 $32.13
Sweet Cutout Dress $77.11 $38.56

I am DYING for that cardigan on the far right. It looks like a nice knit, but the loose knit at the top is perfect for this transition into fall. Always check their sale section on their site, some pieces are online only unfortunately.

Pleated Trouser $59.00 $19.99
Flower Petal Skimmers $34.00 $19.99

I've only started browsing this site a little while ago. Some of their pieces can be pretty pricey, but some very nice ones are also more reasonable. They've got so many great tops on sale, that are also great for fall! If you're not ready to store your shorts for fall and winter, don't you worry! Layer them with a pair of fun tights, or even black simple ones.

Patch Denim Shirt $84.00 $48.00
Cable Knit Net Sweater $74.00 $46.00
60's Paisley Shorts $88.00 $52.00

Thursday, 16 August 2012

[FASHION] Late Summer Inspiration

Unfortunately, we are in the last stretch of summer, and fall is upon us. On the plus side? Slightly cooler weather to wear LAYERS! Which are my absolutely favourite. Now some of these inspiration looks might be more for later fall weather, but I thought I'd still include them. Let's not only wear dark colours, it's not winter yet after all! Pair some darker shades with some creams and pastels to complete your transition look into fall. Tell me, what inspires you???

My goal this September is to try to thrift an oversize wool blazer!

When it's slightly cooler, simply layer a knit tank!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

[FASHION] Miu Miu Moccasins Loafers

I stumbled upon these on Refinery 29, and I think I'm in love. If only I have $495 dollars to spare on a pair of shoes. These loafers have such a classic shape and look to them, but with the options of glitter, python and patent, there is such a variety of looks. I especially love the patented black ones.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

[FASHION] Madewell Catalog

I just found this photo on Tumblr from the Madewell catalog, and I just really like it. The colours and textures are perfect! I just wanted to share...

Thursday, 28 June 2012

[FASHION] Norma Kamali - Fall Collection

I spotted this collection on Refinery29, and for the first time in a really long while, I had to share this collection with you. I've seen other collections I like, but this one really stood out to me. There's a hint of Pierre Cardin in some of the pieces, but I find that Kamali found a way to make this collection look futuristic in a very unique way. Click here if you want to see all the photos!