Sunday, 10 June 2012

[FASHION] Top 5 Favourite Ottawa Shops

I felt like sharing with you guys my favourite stores and boutiques in Ottawa! Some of them hidden, and maybe not as well known, while others are already quite popular. Why Ottawa? Because I live there! Ottawa's fashion industry is a little on the down low, but I believe has amazing potential! We need to support our little shops, so we can have more! Be sure to check these out...

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1. Viens avec moi - 1338 Wellington St. W
Having just opened their doors in December of 2011, VAM is still totally brand new. They don't call it the "house of clothing" for's in an old house, which makes the layout incredibly fun. They even have a room on the second floor dedicated to shoes. The store has a very chic rustic feel to it, and the clothing certainly does not disappoint. Carrying brands such as BB Dakota, Free People, Dolce Vita, Line+Dot, etc etc, there's something for everyone.

2. Victoire - 246 Dalhousie St. and 1282 B Wellington St. W
I think most people reading this, from Ottawa, is going "surprise! surprise!". In the Ottawa fashion community, Victoire is pretty well know. Carrying many Canadian designers, such as Valerie Dumain, Dace, Eve Gravel, etc,  it's a great place to shop to support the Canadian fashion industry. If you love a vintage feel, then Victoire is definitely your go to!

3. Young Janes - 223 Dalhousie St.
If you love vintage, Young Janes is one of Ottawa's only vintage shop. There are a few...but not many that I know of anyway. If you know of more, let me know! They recently moved locations, but I haven't gotten the chance to check it out yet. From the look of the photos, it looks a lot bigger! So I'm very excited to take a look. 

4. Milk Shop - 234 Dalhousie St.
I unfortunately haven't been to Milk in a little while, but they always so many great things! I bet you've noticed a bit of a trend of shops on Dalhousie? Well there's a nice little collection of shops around there, so you can check them all out at once! I'll have to head over there soon...check up on all the new summer stuff! They carry a lot of great brands like Alternative Apparel, ONLY, Pink Martini, etc etc.

5. Slaysh - 775 Bank St.
Slaysh has totally revamped their look! If you thought it was too skateboard ish before, you NEED to  check it out now. Very chic, great clothes, and a nice mellow atmosphere. They have men's clothing as well...which is always fun! Brands that your boyfriend will love.


  1. Oh man I wish I had seen this when I visited Ottawa in February! Only one I checked out from your picks was Young Janes D:

    I noticed when I was in Ottawa a lot of girls with pretty winter jackets with polar bear motifs at the bottom do you happen to know which store in Ottawa sells them??

    1. I'm not sure :S I think most of them are second hand. They were big in the 70's I think? I'm not sure...haha sorry!

  2. Great post! These shops look so much better than some of the shops they have here in the US! I love it :)


  3. You have such a wonderful blog!


  4. Aw, thanks for including us! We are very lucky to be part of such a great community of independent shops!

  5. What are the price ranges of the stores??