Monday, 11 June 2012

[DIY] Fuzzy Leopard Collar

I am VERY excited to share this DIY with you. It worked out perfectly! I was at Value Village yesterday, and found the perfect denim shirt. Could not be better! Then, I went to Rockland Textiles today and picked up this great fuzzy leopard print fabric. This afternoon, I paired the two together, and this was the result...

This is what the shirt looked like before...

I outlined the collar with a sharpie, I first made sure that the marker didn't bleed through the fabric

The oldest tin of pins...they were my mom's

I then pinned the fabric onto the collar

Sewed it all together

and.........tah daaaahh!


  1. That collar is great. It adds so much character to the shirt. love it :)

  2. omg this collar is sooo cute :)
    I love it!!
    amazing post!

    Bubble my Licorice

  3. wow! I saw your blog and really is great! I loved the collar! already have a follower more! kisses from:

  4. great DIY idea! xx