Wednesday, 23 May 2012

[MEN'S] For Summer

It's really starting to warm up out there! I thought I'd put together some summer essentials. The last post I did for you guys, was pretty scattered, so I'm going to try to stick to on theme - summer. There are some things you should stay away from, are some things you should really try out! Take a look...

Now...some people need to realize that really colourful plaid shorts should be left in 2006 and on the golf course. Let's....just not. A pair of more structured and tailored shorts are great for a casual summer day, but also to dress up in the evening. Try them with a pop of colour too!

1. Chambray Short - Asos - $43.49
2. Stone Pleat Tailored Shorts - Topshop - about $52
3. Chino Shorts - Asos - $38.27

4. Plain-front Bermuda - Old Navy - $32.00 

A good light shoe for summer is important! Gotta be cozy. Sperry's Top-Siders are still in trend, and they could not be more perfect for summer! There are a lot of great options out there.

1. Authentic Original Boat Shoe - Sperry Top-Sider - $80
2. The Dom Sneaker - Karmaloop - $117.55
3. Trees Jute Wrap Sneaker - Urban Outfitters - $38.00

It's summer, it's hot, maybe let's try something lighter then one of the stiff fitted hats? Maybe I shouldn't be making opinions on hats...I know how some guys can be. But also...prints! These also happen to all be from Karmaloop. You can probably find them at stores that carry those brands. They just happen to have a good selections of hats.

1. Benny Gold The Native 5Panel - Karmaloop - $36.90
2. Obey The Dry Dock Hat - Karmaloop - $25.56
3. Brixton The Henshaw Hat - Karmaloop - $24.60

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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