Wednesday, 9 May 2012

[ETC] Sales Sales Sales!

I've been a little bit bored and uninspired lately, so I've been online shopping browsing a lot. I thought I'd throw together some of my favourite sale items. There are a lot of great finds right now!

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Here are a few finds from my favourite online sites :)

Here are some finds from Nasty Gal. My favourite? Those purple rain booties! They are absolutely adorable! Stylish, but perfect for those rainy days.

From left to right:
Onyx Velvet Turban - $11.96 $39.85
Metal 'n' Mesh Dress - $33.88 $67.75
Nickels And Dimes Blouse - $73.73 $147.46
Rainy Day Boot - $31.09 $77.71

Now for Urban Outfitters! I know this isn't only an online shop, but they have a lot of great online only products. Check out all the other great sale items they have!

From right to left:
byCORPUS Button-Up Shirt - $19.99 $49.00
Whisper by MMC Bow Back Pullover - $39.99 $54.00
Johann Earl for Urban Renewal Go Lightly Dress - $49.99 $64.00
Pyramid Pendant Necklace - $16.99 $24.00

Shopbop can be quite expensive, but if you check out the sale section, there are plenty of great deals! I'm completely in love with those tweed trousers, but they don't have my size left :(

From right to left:
ONE by Charles Henry - $99.62 $318.00
Roseanna Lulla Plaid - $120.61 $385.00

Check out all the sites for more great finds on sale!


  1. so lovely pieces!!
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  2. Great stuff, i love e-sales!
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