Wednesday, 22 February 2012

[DIY] Shoulder Cutout to No Sleeves

I talked about this shirt a few weeks ago now, and finally got to work on it! Although it's nothing special, I'm glad I got it done. I started off with that sort of shoulder cutout type of look, but had made the cut too close to the neck. I didn't like it, so I simply decided to take the sleeves off. As an extra little added bonus, I added two little triangular studs at the collar. You know, just to give it a little something something. As for the buttons, I'll try to work on that later. For now, I like the simplicity of it!

Yes I do realize my work is a little big rough...I'm no designer! 

Below is a better look at the necklace, without the collar in the way.

Shirt - Value Village
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - H&M

Ps....this is my 200th post! WOAH


  1. Cuteeee! Where did you buy the studs from?

    1. I got them from one of those random sewing stores on Queen West :)

  2. what an awesome DIY! i love your necklace and pants too

    pandaphilia style

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