Monday, 9 January 2012

[DIY] Beginning of the Slit Shoulder & Gold Buttons

I've got all the materials to recreate this shirt, I just need to figure out the proper way to do it. I can easily do the slits in the shoulders, I just couldn't find my fabric scissors at the moment, so I'll do it tomorrow. As for the buttons, my friend Ainslie let me go through her big bag of buttons. I found these lovely gold ones! I think they would complement the purple quite wonderfully. In the photo of the shirt, it looks slightly more pinkish than the actual colour. I have horrible lighting in my room to take a photo with the proper colour (without flash...) but I'll be sure that once it's complete, to photograph it outside, with better lighting!

Ok so as mentioned, the colour is actually almost like a royal purple. I'm pretty sure the fabric is silk, if's very good fake silk. Found at VV Boutique for $5.99!

These are the buttons! One problem....the button holes are a lot smaller than the buttons...hopefully I can figure something out that won't ruin the whole shirt! Because it would look so neat with them.

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  1. Great idea, you can probably slit the button holes with a very sharp blade that won't interfere with the stitching and will allow you to use the buttons. The alternative is that you make the buttons a cover for the button holes and keep the original buttons for fastening.

    good luck