Saturday, 2 July 2011

Canada Day!

Canada Day 2011 was by far my favourite! I made lots of wonderful cocktails with Malibu, had some beer (definitely a must on Canada Day), some BBQ, and some pizza in the Market. We started off at our friend Tofu's, where we had a beer pong tournament (I was mostly the photographer) then! We were off to Sarah's (who I'm living with next year and we're both so excited!) and fired up the BBQ for some hamburgers. and THEN! We adventured off to the ridiculously crowded downtown Ottawa to find a spot to watch the fireworks. We were such a huge crowd going, but the end of the fireworks it was just Owen and I, we'd lost everyone else or people decided to just dip. I ran into some friends such as Amy Savage, Sara Ogilvie, Courtney McAllister! It was all so exciting! And the fact that I managed to run into them in the huge crowd of people is also quite amazing.

Anyway, all in all, I had a really great day! And I spent it with all the greatest people :)

P.S.....although a few were missing :( such as Ainslie Lahey! and Talia Kassner! We'll definitely have to party hard some other time to make up for it!

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