Thursday, 30 June 2011


Going home tonight after work! So I can celebrate Canada Day properly back home in Ottawa. I am really beyond excited! I haven't seen Owen in two weeks, so I'm very quite excited to see him! And everyone else of course. I'm going to spend the long weekend in Ottawa, hopefully the weather is nice to go outside! On Sunday it's back to Toronto for 3 days to finish up my internship here at Judy Inc. It felt like it was going by so slowly, but it's already coming to an end! It was a great experience. I met really nice people, and learned a lot of great stuff. Either on Wednesday or Thursday next week, I head back to Ottawa! For two weeks, and THEN! I head out to BC to spend a week in Whistler, and to attend my cousins wedding. And then in August? Not quite sure yet...I have to move into my new apartment at some point! (I'll have photos of that once I've got some) and....ya....

There's going to be a reunion with Livvy in Whistleeerrrr! 

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