Friday, 19 July 2013

[FASHION] Fall 2013

I bought the August issue of Elle Canada on my way to visit my parents in Victoria, and they had a huge article on the trends for Fall 2013. I thought I would put together my on version of three of the trends that I'm particularly excited for.

Soft Velvet
Velvet did make a small appearance last fall, but nothing substantial. There seems to be more velvet popping up this time, and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the richness and texture of velvet. You can easily dress up or dress down any piece.

1. Maxi Skirt in Velvet - ASOS $24.22
2. Vintage Celine Velvet Blazer - Nasty Gal $228.00

Oversized Everything
By everything, I mean sweaters, jackets, dresses, etc etc. It's starting to get cooler, so having that room will help trap some heat to keep you warm. Plus it'll be in trend! 

2. Loyal Chambray Anorak - Nasty Gal $72.00

Neon Beanies
Last fall and winter we saw the huge trend of beanies. Don't worry! It'll still be here, but with a twist. Fall usually means a lot of darker, but rich colours. Just add a pop of neon to brighten your outfit, and your mood.

1. Unisex Cuffed Beanie in Fluorescent Pink - American Apparel $20.00
3. Beanie with Patch - ASOS $14.35