Friday, 14 June 2013

[OUTFIT] Dead Inside

Well ladies and gents, am I back from my unannounced hiatus! I'd been very busy moving and working, I didn't have time for blog posts. But now! The sun is finally shining again, I'm mostly all moved in, and so I'm back! Be sure to stay tuned, because I've got a preeeeetty big giveaway coming up!

About the outfit: I'd seen this shirt on the UO website a while ago and was totally in love with it. Mostly for the skull printed sleeves. One day I decided to look it up again, and it was on sale! I could not miss out on this opportunity and ordered it right away. I'm totally in love with it! Again, mostly for the sleeves. I'm no emo child now...

Shirt - Lazy Oaf
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Vince Camuto

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