Monday, 11 March 2013

[FASHION] Festival Season

As winter progressively turns into spring, festivals are on everyone's mind! The Osheaga line up was just released today, and many music festivals are already coming up. Although this has often been done before, here are a few ideas of things I might wear to a festival. You can always play around it, and add your on twist to the looks.

Light Denim Cutoffs
As spring and summer approaches, it'll soon be time to dig out the shorts. There are so many fun and interesting styles to be found. Try to stick to a lighter denim to really get that summer feel.

1- BDG Dree High-Rise Studded Shorts - $69 Urban Outfitters
2. Lagem Heart Denim - about $22 Runway Bandits
3. Reaper Cutoff Shorts - $85 Nasty Gal

Fringy Fringe
Fringe is a festival must! Being on a top, bottom, dress, or even handbags. Perfect for that boho feel, and mega fun to dance around in.

1. Sweater with fringe - $40 Zara
2. Embroidered Fringe Crop Top - about $39 Topshop
3. Sienna Fringe Bag - $65 Nasty Gal

Keep It Flowy
With summer comes heat. Try wearing a more lose shape with light fabric. Wearing something like this while feel wonderful when a cool breeze comes in to cool you down.

1. Urban Renewal Chambray Tent Dress - $69 Urban Outfitters
2. Wilfred Duroc Dress - $110 Aritzia

Huge Armparties!
When it gets too hot, sometimes that stylish layered outfit is just too much. Stick to some bracelet layering instead, adding a few simple rings to complete the look.

1. Dark Silver Chain with Woven Pink - about $7 Rings and Tings
2. Leather Cuff Bracelet - $18 Urban Outfitters
3. Tough Spike Bracelet - $12 Nasty Gal
4. Eye of Horus Rings - about $8 Rings and Tings

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