Wednesday, 12 September 2012

[MEN'S] Fall 2012 UO Inspirations

I'm now working at Urban Outfitters in Ottawa! I thought I'd compile some men's Fall trends together for youz guyz. Got some inspiration of what's good this Fall. Be sure to check out UO for some great Fall and back to school essentials!

Plaid is Always Rad
I believe plaid will always be a Fall essential. It's getting cooler, so having a thicker plaid flannel is a good way to go.
1. CPO Griswald Shirt - $54.00
2. El Ray Plaid Western Shirt - $49.00
3. Austin Plaid Western Shirt - $49.00

Ditch the Hoodie, Join the Crew
Something great about crew neck sweaters, is you can easily layer them. Add a plaid collared shirt underneath to give a certain old school prep look. There are so many combinations to play around with.
You can spice up your look with a patterned/graphic crew neck, or keep it simple with a basic one.
1. Deter Baja Pocket Crew - $54.00
2. Alternative Crewneck - $38.00
3. OBEY Triangle Crewneck - $58.00
4. O'Hanlon Mills Striped Crewneck - $49.00

Pull on the Cords
Always wearing jeans? Try some cords! They're mega comfy, and are warmer for the cooler months. You'll love the texture and feel of them, I promise.
1. Standard Cloth 5-Pocket Cords in Brass - $54.00
2. Levi's 511 5-Pocket Cords in Olive - $58.00
3. Standard Cloth 5-Pocket Cords in Turquoise - $54.00
5. Levi's 511 5-Pocket Cords in Maroon - $58.00

Roam the Desert (Boot)
Looking for something more than sneakers, but still casual? The desert boot is right for you! They're still very in style this season. The rustic look of them is perfect for Fall.
1. Clarks UO Exclusive Desert Boot - $140.00
2. Clarks Waxed Desert Boot - $110.00
3. Hawkings McGill Suede Desert Boot - $69.00

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