Sunday, 26 August 2012

[FASHION] Back to School SALES!

If I am correct, September is FAST approaching, which means school is creeping up. For most of you anyway. I finished my two year program in Toronto, and am back in Ottawa. I think not going back to school is going to be strange, but nice as well. Anyway, lots of online shopping sites are having amazing end of summer sales. Here I round up a few of my favourite pieces on sale, on my favourite online sites. Be sure to take a look!

Now, of course most of these sites are selling off their summer pieces. Remember that it isn't quite fall yet! Take some lighter coloured dresses and pants, then layer them with something for that cooler breeze.

Laurel Plaid Shirt $67.23 $26.89
Spotted Clutch $21.75 $12.46
Weave It Satchel $64.26 $32.13
Sweet Cutout Dress $77.11 $38.56

I am DYING for that cardigan on the far right. It looks like a nice knit, but the loose knit at the top is perfect for this transition into fall. Always check their sale section on their site, some pieces are online only unfortunately.

Pleated Trouser $59.00 $19.99
Flower Petal Skimmers $34.00 $19.99

I've only started browsing this site a little while ago. Some of their pieces can be pretty pricey, but some very nice ones are also more reasonable. They've got so many great tops on sale, that are also great for fall! If you're not ready to store your shorts for fall and winter, don't you worry! Layer them with a pair of fun tights, or even black simple ones.

Patch Denim Shirt $84.00 $48.00
Cable Knit Net Sweater $74.00 $46.00
60's Paisley Shorts $88.00 $52.00


  1. I've never heard of Pixie Market but I need to check it out!!

  2. i like the dress from nasty gal, its gorgeous.
    i'm going to have to check on the sale situation for over here in the uk
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

  3. Such must haves! Love your style

    Now following :)

    Love from nyc,

  4. Love the choices you made!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Nice fashion post.^^
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  6. So many sales I did not know about! I have to get on that haha. Great post lovely !