Sunday, 15 April 2012

[MEN'S] Spring 2012 Trends

Just as I was about to start this post, the fire alarm in our building went off! And I kind of lost my let's try this again! I've decided (after my brother's suggesting) to make a post for the men! I thought I'd make a sort of compilation of essential items for spring/summer (s/s 12 for all you fashion people). I'll also be showing you some examples of big no no's (not that weird hair removal device...whatever) Anyway, I hope I do an ok job at this! It's a first for me, and hopefully you guys will like my suggestions. If not...then I will be sure to never make a post like this again.

Spiced Up Button Ups

Now don't take this the wrong way! Spiced up button up does not mean that shirt of the far right. I mean...ya it can be a fun shirt if you style it properly (somehow?) but it's a shirt that you'll buy because you think it's funny, but then you'll stop wearing after two wears. It'll get old really quickly... So! Instead, get something like the first three on the side. Still simple enough, but with a little bit of extra umph to give it some edge. Yes, you have some nice shirts, but why don't you get one with a little extra something something?

1. SLVDR $78.00 - Urban Outfitters
2. Topman about $35.00 - Topman
3. Two Square C-Roy Shirt $87.26 - Asos

4. Vans Aloha Maneki Neko Shirt $45.00 - Urban Outfitters

Colour Blocked Anorak

Because we're still in spring, and not every day is warm, it's good to have a good jacket. I find that these colour blocked anoraks are perfect to add some style, but still says "I'm an outdoors kind of man". You know what I mean?

1. River Island Colour Block Jacket $113.15 - Asos
2.  Blue Navy Lightweight Hoodie about $95.00 - Topman
3. SLVDR Ivy League Jacket $148.00 - Urban Outfitters

Summer Tank 

When it gets hot outside, it's time for the men to show a little more skin. The best way to do so without being too revealing? Tank tops of course! Again, I like it when they're simple, but with a little more pizazz! The one of the far right though...please don't. You'll be doing yourself a favour by not spending money on something silly, and us a favour to not have to stare at it.

1. LRG Field of View Tank $22.00 - Karmaloop
2. Teal Pattern Pocket Tank about $22.00 - Topman
3.COMUNE Madison Thermal Tank Top $38.00 - Urban Outfitters

4. Pug Life Tank Top $28.00 - Urban Outfitters

So how about we start with that? If the feedback I get from this is good, then maybe I'll do some more posts for you guys out there! Let me know what your favourite stores and sites to shop at are, and I'll definitely make sure to include some in future posts.

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