Monday, 12 March 2012

[FASHION] Jean Jacket

FINALLY! I found one, that was used, and affordable. I didn't want a brand new one because it would be really stiff. I went to so many "vintage" stores, and they were far too expensive. Going to thrift stores, I never found any I liked. So, yesterday my friends and I were walking on Queen West. We walked by a store that was having a store closing sale, and we thought we'd take a look. Once inside, I didn't really see anything I fancied. But then! I found this Gap jean jacket. Yes, it isn't Levis (which I would have preferred) but it has the shape I wanted. Only 10$! So I had to snag it. Quite a long story for a jean jacket wouldn't you say...

I do apologize for my goofy looking face...hehehe
I'll have some outfit posts for you soon!


  1. those denim jackets are so comfy to wear and u can match them with almost everything! well done :)

  2. Your denim jacket looks so cool <3