Wednesday, 1 February 2012

[OUTFIT] Diamonds Are Forever

I felt like I had not posted an outfit in a little while. I had tried this sort of look in the past with this sweater, but wore a different button up, and it did not work as well. This is one of my favourite shirts! The button up from Durumi is a classic piece with a twist...although I've covered it with the sweater.

Sweater - Wildfox
Shirt - Durumi
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Steve Madden


  1. You are so beautiful. I love your outfit.


  2. Very cute sweatshirt. Your eyeliner looks perfect by the way!

  3. So in love with that sweater!

    Alexandra xo

  4. love that sweater, its so cool! you've got a great blog, yay canadian bloggers :) I am following you