Sunday, 29 January 2012

[FASHION] Favourite Trend - Collars

I posted a video a few posts ago about collars, and I do really love them! I find they can accent an outfit perfectly. There is such a variation of styles that can make any outfit from preppy to edgy. It's really the perfect piece to add to any ensemble.

Detached collars are great fun too! If you have any collared shirt, and you may not like the fit of it, just cut off the collar. Embellish it anyway you'd like and you can wear it with any shirt, sweater, or dress.


  1. All of those are DIVINE, especially that YSL one.

  2. So cute! I love the ones on the 2nd picture <3

  3. Those collars are greaat:) i love your blog im a new follower:))
    much love

  4. Hi! beautiful blog! I found you searching for some photos on google. I did some collars like that and I posted a tutorial 'cause my blog is about DIY :)

    Bon chance! ;)