Tuesday, 2 August 2011

[BEAUTY] How I Wear My Hair

I haven't posted in a while, and I hate it! We changed places in Whistler, and the place we're staying now does not have Internet! It's really quite upsetting. I also haven't had much of a chance to take fashion-ish photos, since it's a very outdoors-y environment. All I know is that before I leave! I must do a street style post, some of the gals here do have a great sense of style! Anyway, last night after hanging with some friends and having a few drinks, I thought I'd take some photos of various ways I do my hair (besides the typical loose braid I do to create my very loose wave look) They really aren't anything very exciting, but here they are.

All down - I surprisingly don't wear it like this often, I find it gets annoying.

Long bangs pined back - This is how I mostly wear it, not necessarily with a big bow (usually just a plain bobby pin) but I did it here because it matched the shirt I was wearing hehe.

High twist bun - It isn't always high, and with a bow, but I felt like doing it so.

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  1. Cute hairstyles :D. And I love the bow :).