Saturday, 23 July 2011

[TRIP] Whistler - Part 1

I'm in Whistler! This is only my first day here, so I don't have any photos yet, but there will be plenty to come! It's a heck of a lot cooler here than it is back home, which is quite refreshing. I'm here with my parents and my brother, and last night we just took our time to settle in and take it easy. We were all up rather early this morning because of the time difference and just took it slow. We finally decided to walk down the hill and walk around the village for a little bit. I got a lovely cardigan sweater, and a cashmere sweater with an interesting Peace sign on it (I'll have photos soon!) from Aritzia. Then we went to Starbucks, had a few drinks and watched the hundreds of people walk by.

I love taking it one thing at a time, just going with the flow. Later, I'm meeting up with Livvy! Who I haven't seen since February, so I'm very excited. Tonight we're celebrating her and Sarah's birthday! It should be a good time.

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