Monday, 20 June 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

I was back home in Ottawa for Fathers Day! I had a really lovely weekend and the weather was fantastic! Friday night wasn't the greatest (a few too many drinks...) but I did get to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while! So that was nice. Saturday, I went shopping with my mom. I got a new blazer, silk shirt, shorts and t-shirt (I will post photos once I've got some) Then Saturday night, we went to my friend Talia's had some wine and such, and we checked out Italian Week on Preston. It was PACKED with people! I would have taken more photos, but it was already dark out, and it was absolutely crowded with people! Oh well....Then for Fathers Day, we went to this German restaurant on Preston. My mom and I shared a meat packed omelette, it was delicious!

All in all, very good weekend! I was able to take a later bus, so I even got to see Owen on Sunday before I headed back to Toronto :)

Gumby was the highlight of Saturday night haha

This is Talia!

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