Monday, 13 June 2011

[BEAUTY] Eyeshadow

I got home from work, felt like doing something interesting. So here's a step-by-step of the typical eyeshadow I wear! This is the end result with liquid liner...

To get the whole step-by-step, click "Read more"!

These are the colours I used

Using the top left and top right eyeshadows, I covered my whole lid, up to my brow line.

It doesn't look VERY different, but it adds a certain shimmer. Then! I used the top left again, with the second in on the third row, cover the lid from lash line to the crease

Again not a huge difference, but it does add slight dimension. Next, I used a combination of the first of the third row, the two purples, and the silver to create this...

Leaving it like this makes for a chic and simple day eye. Takes 5 minutes to do! When it comes to evening wear, adding a little eye-liner can easily spice it up. I used Sephora's long lasting eye-liner.

After all that, and using these two brushes (the brown tipped one for the first two steps of eyeshadow, and the purple tipped one for the last step) 

This was the end result with the eye-liner!

Eyeshadows - Tarte
Eye-liner - Sephora
Brown tipped brush - H&M
Purple tipped brush - Sephora

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