Tuesday, 21 June 2011

[OUTFIT] New Clothes

A lot of Canadians may think Aritzia is getting quite mainstream/hip...but meh I still love it! They sent out sort of invites to their regular customers, to got 20 to 40% selected items. I took this as an opportunity to get some new more summery clothes! I went with my mom....and we were there well over an hour. She kept finding things and insisted I tried them on! This is why I like shopping with my mom sometimes hehe. Anyway, this is what I ended getting!

The blazer has poor shape on a hanger, but when worn it fits perfectly!

So as you can see, I can easily mix and match everything! It all works together. I'm so happy with these purchases! Oooooh Aritzia, you never displease me!

Silk Button Up Tank - Wilfred
Denim Shorts - Cheap Monday
Floral T-shirt - Wilfred Free
Blazer - Talula

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