Sunday, 26 August 2012

[FASHION] Back to School SALES!

If I am correct, September is FAST approaching, which means school is creeping up. For most of you anyway. I finished my two year program in Toronto, and am back in Ottawa. I think not going back to school is going to be strange, but nice as well. Anyway, lots of online shopping sites are having amazing end of summer sales. Here I round up a few of my favourite pieces on sale, on my favourite online sites. Be sure to take a look!

Now, of course most of these sites are selling off their summer pieces. Remember that it isn't quite fall yet! Take some lighter coloured dresses and pants, then layer them with something for that cooler breeze.

Laurel Plaid Shirt $67.23 $26.89
Spotted Clutch $21.75 $12.46
Weave It Satchel $64.26 $32.13
Sweet Cutout Dress $77.11 $38.56

I am DYING for that cardigan on the far right. It looks like a nice knit, but the loose knit at the top is perfect for this transition into fall. Always check their sale section on their site, some pieces are online only unfortunately.

Pleated Trouser $59.00 $19.99
Flower Petal Skimmers $34.00 $19.99

I've only started browsing this site a little while ago. Some of their pieces can be pretty pricey, but some very nice ones are also more reasonable. They've got so many great tops on sale, that are also great for fall! If you're not ready to store your shorts for fall and winter, don't you worry! Layer them with a pair of fun tights, or even black simple ones.

Patch Denim Shirt $84.00 $48.00
Cable Knit Net Sweater $74.00 $46.00
60's Paisley Shorts $88.00 $52.00

[OUTFIT] Fall Transitions

Wow...this is really an all time low for me. Only four posts this month, and August is almost over. Quite frankly, I've been pretty uninspired by my wardrobe these days. The weather (except for this past weekend) has been confusing to dress for. I'm excited for it to get slightly cooler, to be able to wear sweaters with shorts. I love that combo! Hopefully I can save a little money to go shopping. I haven't gotten anything in a really long time, and I'm starting to feel the lack of creativity with my wardrobe. I need to do more thrift shopping, but Ottawa isn't always the best for that.

I took these photos the other night. While only looking at them on my camera, I wasn't happy with them. Turns out they aren't that bad. I still need to find a better spot to take photos though.

Flannel - City Downtown (GBC)
Pants - Aritzia
Wallet - Michael Kors
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Thursday, 16 August 2012

[FASHION] Late Summer Inspiration

Unfortunately, we are in the last stretch of summer, and fall is upon us. On the plus side? Slightly cooler weather to wear LAYERS! Which are my absolutely favourite. Now some of these inspiration looks might be more for later fall weather, but I thought I'd still include them. Let's not only wear dark colours, it's not winter yet after all! Pair some darker shades with some creams and pastels to complete your transition look into fall. Tell me, what inspires you???

My goal this September is to try to thrift an oversize wool blazer!

When it's slightly cooler, simply layer a knit tank!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I've decided to try to change it up for once! I want to see YOUR style! Send me a photo of your favourite outfit, or your outfit of the day! I'll pick 6-8 looks to post. If you'd like, I'll then add a link under the photo to whatever it is you'd like people to check out. May it be Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, anything! 

Go to Dailyyyroutine's Facebook Page and send me your look in a message! (I'd like to keep the look a surprise until I've picked the 6-8 looks!)

[OUTFIT] Osheyoshiaga 2012

I was in Montreal on Friday to hit up Osheaga. Florence + The Machine was playing Friday, and I ABSOLUTELY had to see it. And it was amazing, I almost cried of joy. Florence is just so lovely. I also got to check out Birdy Nam Nam, MGMT and Justice. There were lots more people playing, but it's hard to check them all out. Anyway, so I ordered this dress off of Nasty Gal a couple weeks before, and I had my fingers crossed so hard that it would come in time for the festival. Luckily, Thursday after work as I check the mail, it's there! It was a huge sigh of relief. I love it so much! The oversize fit, and the simplicity of the shape. The added neon green dots add that little pizazz!

I was having a little too much fun twirling hehe.

Dress - Nasty Gal
Boots - Aldo
Bracelet - The Ropes from Viens avec moi

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

[VIDEO] Summer Go To's

I had some video inspiration from Allison, and thought I'd through my summer go to's together. YAY!